IrishRail live updates in your terminal!

As someone fond of terminal based apps and their user interfaces, I was looking for an excuse to try rich, a Python library for beautiful formatting in the terminal. And I found one! A cool but useful and pratical use case.

Now that the new normal is getting back to the old normal, and companies are forcing their employees to go back to their offices, I’m back using more and more the Dart trains for commuting in Dublin. And since I stay most of the day with a terminal open, why not checking for the timetables with a CLI command?

I present to you irishrail, a CLI application written in Python and rich where you can get live updates from any train station in Ireland! You can install it with:

$ pip install irishrail

It has basically two commands: stations to list the name of all stations available and live to see live updates from a specific station.

If you want to see, for example, what time the trains are arriving in Dun Laoghaire, on both north and south directions, you can do:

$ irishrail live "dun laoghaire"

I got to use only two or three of the many nice features of the library, but maybe it’s enough to go further and try textual!

Checkout the source code at @rougeth/irishtail.