Welcome to my personal website! My name is Marco Rougeth and I'm a computer scientist, Python lov<3r and Open Source enthusiast. Currently I'm part of an awesome team at Crave Food Services.

Links: Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email

Creating a Django model instance in the past
Caipyra 2017 Organization
Python Brasil [12] (Pycon Brazil 2016) Organization
Django Girls Floripa Mentor
Caipyra 2016 Little Kahuna (responsible)
Association Python Brazil (APyB) Board member
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The Web under the hood Liga da Web (USP) 2016
Django, perfectionists and deadlines VII Encontro Nacional do GITEC 2015
From zero to community contribution with Python Python Brasil [10] 2014
Starting with React/Redux Ambiente Conéctar 2017
Introduction to Python and Django XIII Semana da Computação da USP 2015
Django Pizza: Web with mozzarella XVIII Semana da Computação da USP 2015
Introduction to Python with TDD and Dojo Centro Universitário IESB 2015
Linux Introduction Centro Universitário IESB 2013